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The Folklore Sessions
Hidden Shoal Recordings

The Folklore Sessions is an EP from the Colorado based dream-popper Kramies (AKA Kramies Windt). This EP collection features acoustic versions of songs from two of his EPs: The European (2011) and The Wooden Heart (2013). These sessions also feature piano contributions from one Grant Wilson (of Ghost Hunters TV show fame; it's some kind of a US paranormal reality TV series).

The Folklore Sessions holds "Antiquarian Days" (off The European), "The Wooden Heart" and "Sea Otter Cottage" (off The Wooden Heart), plus the short, closing "Potions". This quiet quartet of songs once again proves the talent of Kramies being an amazing singer-songwriter and wonderful performer. This time its the power of the stripped and naked song performance that shows the strength and quality of the songs. Kramies' voice and his acoustic guitar, plus Wilson's piano playing on two of the tracks, are all that the songs need. Plain and simple as that. No make-up, no special effects, no overdub-garnish. Just the power and the beauty of melodies carried out 'unplugged'. "The Wooden Heart" is lovely. "Antiquarian Days" is exquisite. "Sea Otter Cottage" is simply gorgeous. Wonderful stuff.

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