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FKA twigs
Young Turks

Tahliah Debrett Barnett A.K.A. FKA Twigs is a dancer turned singer/songwriter in the electronica genre. Following a few rapturously received songs she's now ready for her close up Mr. DeMille.

"Lights On" is a dreamy place where the Bristol sound by Massive Attack meets shoegaze. Barnett's lovely voice is all her own though. "Hours" recalls Martina Topley-Bird's spooky solo work, but it sounds entirely now. It's soft and very eerie. "Video Girl" is a rhytmic, yet ethereal song with a thoughtful lyric. Barnett's a intriguing artist that much is obvious.

"Closer" has a sound that's almost unbearably lovely, and the singer's vocals are utterly gorgeous. She's definitely arrived, and this is a strong contender for the year's best debut.

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