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John Symon Asher 'Jack' Bruce
14 May 1943 - 25 October 2014

Scottish Jack Bruce might be best remembered as the bassist of Cream, but he also recorded numerous solo albums and collaborated with the likes of Frank Zappa, Lou Reed, Soft Machine, Gary Moore, Phil Manzanera and Michael Mantler to name but a few. In the early 1960s he joined Blues Incorporated led by Alexis Korner, along with future Cream drummer Ginger Baker. He then formed The Graham Bond Quartet with other members of Blues Incorporated, later renamed The Graham Bond Organisation. Jack went on to John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers where he played along with Eric Clapton before a stint with Manfred Mann in 1966. Post Cream he was a member of the jazz-fusion group Lifetime, the blues-rock power trio West, Bruce & Laing, several one-off mainly jazz combos and in later years also a stint with Ringo Starr's All-Starr Band. He kept going in the blues, jazz, rock and world music field till the very end. His last solo album Silver Rails was released earlier this year. One of the greatest bass players...


Sunshine Of Your Love
(Pete Brown, Jack Bruce, Eric Clapton)

It's gettin' near dawn
When lights close their tired eyes
I'll soon be with you my love
To give you my dawn surprise
I'll be with you darling soon
I'll be with you when the stars start falling

I've been waiting so long
To be where I'm going
In the sunshine of your love

I'm with you my love
The light's shinin' through on you
Yes, I'm with you my love
It's the morning and just we two
I'll stay with you darling now
I'll stay with you till my seeds are all dried up

I've been waiting so long
To be where I'm going
In the sunshine of your love

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