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Elisa Luu
Enchanting Gaze
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Last moonth we checked out Elisa Luu's single, "Shebeen", and here's the rest of the album. A mini-album, that is, as the 6 tracks clocks in at (less than) 35 minutes. Which is a perfect length, I believe.

The music of Luu floats on so calm and relaxed, in a most comforting way. Which has been a fact before, like with her former albums Chromatic Sigh and Un Giorno Sospeso. Yes, it is a fact this time as well. The songs fit brilliant to each other, shoulder to shoulder. The slower tunes and the more rhythmic ones. Elisa Luu creates shimmering and sparkling melodies and rhythms. Her music is glowing, her songs radiate with heat and steam, but they also unveil these elegant hints and tints of cool as well. "Shebeen" is super, but the marvellous, spellbinding "Communia" and the beautiful "The sweetness of the odd time" are the winners this time. Perfect moods, with the most accurate sonic toppings. Elisa Luu's music has an immersive timbre. Her well-planned and neatly composed, arranged, and performed compositions of floating and vibrant electronica, oozes with affection and human warmth. Enchanting Gaze is an enchanting listen. Period.

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