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Press a Key b/w Electronic Beauty Parlour
Wurlitzer Jukebox

About Plone I don't know much else than they're from Birmingham, England, and plays around in the instrumental world of electronics, analog that is. Creating some simple tunes that fits to use as background music for the ebb of a late night cocktail party.

Press A Key could be the theme for a sleazy detective story set in the near future. Plone picks some themes that they repeat and vary within a small scale. They belong in the landscapes of the post-pop/rock wave that include Tortoise and lots of others.

The flip-side of this single, Electronic Beauty Parlour, is more kitchy with some spooky (but friendly) sounds in the background. Elevator music for a house of ghosts maybe? Not shaken, not stirred. Just plain and straight. Fun as a single, but I think it could be too much if filling a whole album with music like this. I mean; I was never really into the records of Klaus Wunderlich...

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