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My Invisible Friend
My Invisible Friend EP
MIF / Chatty Chiken

Italian combo My Invisible Friend (MIF) tread the felds of showgaze dream pop with their slow or steady floating soundscapes. The Parma based trio (plus 'a drummer' called Roland, a.k.a. Roland TR-505) are: Ann on bass and vocals; Cristian on guitar and vocals; and Joe S on guitar, vocals. They list Spiritualized, My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins as artists they like, and at least the latter two are easy to spot as their favourites. Especially MBV.

Their My Invisible Friend EP holds three tracks, "O.N.S.", "Eyes" and "Dear Mary". It's been a whgile since this EP, their first release, was launched (January 5th), but, hey... let's dig into the groove. As a short description of the band's music they've put up 'Let Me Take You Down' as their 'slogan'. This is also known as the first line in The Beatles' "Strawberry Fields Forever", but where "Strawberry Fields..." is all drenched in Mellotron, MIF drift off with fuzz-coated guitars and dreamlike, blurred melodies. MIF describe their instruments and songs to shout 'louder, louder!', or 'grida, grida forte!'. I find "Eyes" to be their coolest song, but I do become a bit too dizzy when tuning into their shoegaze world. Not bad, though, and this music should of corse be played LOUD.

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