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Warner Music Norway

"Circles" is yet another fine, summery pop song from Truls coming 'knocking on your door'. It is a shimmering, soul-filled song, spinning and swirling like a feather in the summer's breeze (a breeze which we're still waiting for...). Truls Heggero' high-pitch voice is still strong and charming (if you're up to this type of vocals). After his old band Lukestar disbanded in 2012, Truls has taken on a solo career, giving us his debut solo album TRVLS (which could be understood both as Truls as well as 'travels') in 2013, with its hit singles "Out Of Yourself", "The Next" and "Tear Me Up". He still roams the valley of R'n'B. "Circles" is catchy and highly commercial, and a bit clichéd - if I must say so. Yet, it is still very catchy and likeable, but it's not of "Out Of Yourself"'s caliber. Earlier on, Truls also fronted Truls And The Trees (also disbanded?), and it was said that 'Truls is the caretaker of the woods. He makes sure his trees stay healthy and beautiful, but not necessarily symmetrical and properly trimmed. Their leaves, cones and needles all have different colors and qualities'. He makes music that 'makes the listener want to escape from this claustrophobic urbanized world and head for the woods'. With his new music, his new sound and songs, Truls has left the woods for city lights and strobe-lighted dance floors. He makes a bit more symmetrical songs than he used to, but that is alright. The somewhat a-ha-ish (especially the keyboards) "Circles" (which was released in May - it's produced by Mats Lie Skåre a.k.a. Slipmats, as was "Out Of Yourself") opens for a sunny summer. Truls is still on a crative high, armed with hooks, with a flair for pop songs.

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