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The Liquid Scene
Ziglain Records

'The Liquid Scene brings back the retroscented psychedelic sounds of yesteryear for the new generation (you know who you are)... Join other like-minded and like-spirited luminaries of change on the retro road of love -- because deep down you know you're old skool and that music can change the world. It's a new dawn. And Revolutions is here...' (The Liquid Scene)

rev-o-lu-tion [re-v?-'lü-sh?n] n. (from the Latin revolutio, "a turn around"):
1. a far-reaching and drastic change, especially in ideas and methods;
2. a procedure or course, as if in a circuit, back to a starting point;
3. a sudden, complete or marked change in something.

Revolutions is the new psychedelic album by San Francisco's Bay Area band The Liquid Scene. Like they say, 'Come experience the sounds of yesterday and today in mind-swirling technicolour. It's all here. For your entertainment...'. The band is made of: Bodhi (a.k.a. Becki DiGregorio) (vocals, acoustic guitars, sitar, dilruba), Tom Ayres (electric guitars, pedals), Endre Tarczy (bass, keyboards), and Trey Sabatelli (drums, percussion), and the quartet is heavily into 'psychedelic rock and heavy-folk, middle-eastern trippy-trance grooveness'. The band lists UK/US artists/bands (of inspiration, or whom they like/listen to) as The Pretty Things, The Creation, The Byrds, The Pink Floyd (sic), Strawberry Alarm Clock, Traffic, July, Donovan, Sopwith Camel, McGough and McGear, Moorpark Intersection, Gandalf, The Fantastic Zoo, Tomorrow, and more. A lot of psych-pop and psych-folk for you, there. Vintage stuff. Like the band's slogan goes: 'Yesterday's sounds... today.' They also namedrop XTC and/or the fabulous The Dukes of Stratosphear as an influential name. You might as well add Rick Corcoran's The Orgone Box as a 'contemporary' soul mate and a band of comparison. You might add The Beatles' (or The Rutles') psych period as well, especially with The Liquid Scene's "Hey Moondog".

Revolutions (of last year - but, hey, their genre is timeless...) is a pleasant listen, and it is a time machine (Liquid Scene's mystery pop machine) ride back to the 1960s. Back to the other side of the sun, with mad potters, moondogs, and love and music (and the love of music) in many colours. The Liquid Scene do not revolutionize pop music. That said, this isn't their goal either. They travel in time to find (or recall) some good times of pop psychedelic tinted music. There are good vibes all through, all over this album. Want to have a listen? Check out the poppy opener "The Other Side of the Sun" or "In My Water Room" for a start.

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