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Ozric Tentacles
Technicians of the Sacred

Do we really need another album from Ozric Tentacles? Well, to those who say that all their albums sound the same, I have to say I agree to a certain degree. Their sound is instantly recognisable and most of their songs have always been variations on a limited set of themes. But hey, that could be said about a lot of bands, including a lot of really interesting ones. As for most bands with a long history, the creative sparkle surely has varied through the years, and the Ozrics have been at it for about 32 years, releasing 20 studio albums (counting their early cassette-only releases) and a handful of live albums. It's hard to pick the definite favourite albums from these, since all of them contain some great stuff, but of course, some are more stuffed than others.

As a dedicated fan I'm very happy to have them back with a new album, and it's pleasure to report that Technicians of the Sacred belongs among their more recommendable outings. We probably have to go back to the 90's to find a better and fresher sounding Ozrics album. Here we get it all: exquisite synth sounds that swirls, bubbles, wooshes, phases and flutters, one second through infinite space, the other through a colourful jungle paradise filled with exotic birds. State-of-the-art space-guitar solos drop in an out, but it is the synths that run the show, all laid over rather simple and repetetive bass themes (sometimes funky with arabic twists) that makes the steady floor upon which the magic is built. Ozrics music is perfect for headphone listening. This way details are more clearly revealed, as is the impressing complexity of the synth playing and arrangements, and you can easier identify sounds that shift and move around in the aural space, sounds that tickle and excite as they arrive and playfully morph before passing the stick to the next ones.

Technicians of the Sacred is a double album (on both CD and vinyl formats) with a total playtime of close to 90 minutes. Which tracks that will be picked as favourites will differ, but with this many tracks to choose from, it is a safe bet to say that cherry-picking from Technicians of the Sacred will leave Ozrics fans with plenty of fun and heady listening. As the cover art of the Ozrics' releases always imply, you're in for a kaleidoscopic musical treat.

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