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Isolat Pattern
Clinical Ambience

Sorry, Kvitnu, this one has been laying around for some months. Isolat Pattern's Clinical Ambience was released on 1st of April, but is no April's fool. Not at all.

Isolat Pattern is one Benjamin Harris, based in Berlin, Germany. Harris states his (or Isolat Pattern's) genre to be 'Electronic, minimal, rhythm and static'. Expect no mercy. But Clinical Ambience is far from sounding all-clinical. It is a bouncy and playful record, hissing and twirling through a landscape in the shadows of the big city. Maybe like in films such as Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens or Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt. The soundscapes of Clinical Ambience sneak around and hide behind every corner, in every little hole. From the opening noise and static of "BLK.HSE" (Bleak house, I guess), through the gentle, sweet-creepy sound of "Darkness Curves", to the glittering "Glitterer" and the spinning "Twinning". "Die Charmante Verlockung" (The charming lure) is a snake charmer with a cheeky grin, while "Purestate" moves rapidly, in start-stop mode like a reptile. Kvitnu describes Clinical Ambience to be an 'extensive experiment', and their precise description of the musical content to sound like 'sharp vibes of synthetic digital noise, nervous trimming beats shifting into darkly ambient slow melodies', with songs holding 'heavy and deep rough tension on every change of tracks'. Yes, that is what Harris' songs sound like. You'd better take an audio-guided tour (with tour guide Isolat Patterns) through Berlin yourself.

Like (almost) always, artwork by Zavoloka ('the main cover is made with exclusive glittered black cardboard, and two inner prints made on metallic translucent and marbled papers'). It looks nice - clean and clinical, but nice, and the album sounds nice and indeed exciting as well. Way cool stuff. Minimal ambient soft noise at its best.

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