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Holographic Field
Hellbig Music

'The holographic principle is a property of string theories and a supposed property of quantum gravity that states that the description of a volume of space can be thought of as encoded on a boundary to the region - preferably a light-like boundary like a gravitational horizon. In a larger sense, the theory suggests that the entire universe can be seen as a two-dimensional information on the cosmological horizon, such that the three dimensions we observe are an effective description only at macroscopic scales and at low energies." (Wikipedia).

Holographic Field is the one-man project of the Berlin based pianist/producer Jonas Meyer, who is also to be found in the post-rock band Frames and an ambient project called Unland. "Afloat" is a track culled of Meyer's/Holographic Field upcoming debut album, Window Gazer (due out on September 18). Debut album? It seems Holographic Field put out an 'album' called Circuit in 2012, holding two tracks: "Circuit (one)" and "Circuit (two)" - each track clocking in at (close to) 26 minutes. So, we are talking stretched-out, slow-floating, high-flying ambient music here. "Afloat" is such a floating (uh...), circling, hovering track. Soundscapes merging into dreamscapes. Nothing but Hope and Passion magazine ( have called Meyer's, or Holographic Field's music 'a beautiful balancing act between epic ambiences, clubby electronica and neoclassical elements'. "Afloat" is an epic track: long, swaying, wandering, and it takes off up in the air. Way up, way off... to far off, far away places. It is for sure a fascinating, pleasant and comfortable listening 'journey'. We will check out Window Gazer when it arrives. Keep away from the black holes, Jonas!

'The holographic principle was inspired by black hole thermodynamics, which conjectures that the maximal entropy in any region scales with the radius squared, and not cubed as might be expected. In the case of a black hole, the insight was that the informational content of all the objects that have fallen into the hole might be entirely contained in surface fluctuations of the event horizon. The holographic principle resolves the black hole information paradox within the framework of string theory.' (Wikipedia)

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