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Barfot EP
Ikenai! Records

FOG (a.k.a. Frukt og Grønt, in English 'Fruit and Greens') is a young three-piece (young, as in 17-18 year-olds) from Trondheim. Henrik Elvis Hepsø (vocals, guitar), Trym Solan Renolen (drums, vocals) and Gaute Hammer (guitar, vocals) - yes, that's two guitars plus drums (and vocals, of course)! - have tagged their music 'Neo-Post-Punk'. Yes, the aggression from punk are present for sure, but FOG also punch out pop melodies with a certain catchiness, and they are ready for singalongs as well as dance-alongs (hop, jump and bounce - pogo-style).

I was lucky to see the trio perform live last November. When on stage, the threesome appeared as a fearless and ferocious live act. Playing barefoot (of course, it's their trademark) in woollen sweaters - with punch, joy and humour. On 'record' (well, it is a digital release) they have managed to bring some of their live vibe with them to the studio and out, for this debut EP (produced by Jonas Skybakkmoen, headman of Johndoe). Thinking of Norwegian bands, FOG sound like a rougher Kråkesølv, with some of the attitude of Honningbarna. When they let loose some of their energy and sonic wildfire, running into some more aggressive parts with some slightly dissonant escapades, I come to think of the punk-punchy and energetic Fugazi, the legendary DC, US post-hard-core, DIY-spirited band and a rough but gentle band (whom I saw perform live in Trondheim, at the legendary UFFA house some 25 years ago...). Anyway, this four song EP entitled Barfot (Barefoot, hence their trademark stage presence) kicks off with "Hipsterdans" (Hipster dance) - a catchy song about youth and partying. "Kontrollfrik" (Control freak) is a tougher, more aggressive piece leading the thought back to the early 1990s Trondheim scene, the grungier part of it with bands like (partly) Motorpsycho, Hedge Hog, and others. Hey, the guitar sound even makes me think of (1980s) Iron Maiden! Just for a few seconds, that is. "Paradis" makes me recall the aforementioned Fugazi, despite the Norwegian lyrics.

"Hipsterdans" is the catchier song, but I prefer "Paradis" off this EP, even though "Surf" is also a neat song when it takes off. FOG is the sound of the sparkling, fresh youth. I hope you mature even more, rather fast, to soon return with some more, refined songs. Maybe checking out some other/different producer(s) as well - to seek, play, experiment, dare, etc. My guess is that FOG will reach longer, higher. Time will show.

The kids are alright! They are cool and barefooted.

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