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Bygger skeppet medan det brinner

Swedish band Knivderby (English: Knife fight, or knife race/contest) have been around for years, but I haven't digged into their songs before now. This is a single off their coming, their 8th (!) album, Helvetesön (Hell's island) - which is already out there (on 25 September). Let's return to the full album next moonth.

"Bygger skeppet medan det brinner" (Building the ship whle it's on fire) is a catchy, energetic song by the Stockholm sextet(?), fronted by two (three?) singers, Fredrik Georg Eriksson and Christa Sana, backed by third (?) singer Oscar Svensson, plus Mattias Bladh, Robert Pajnic, and drummer (?) Frans Larsen. Fredrik (?) is the lead singer on "Bygger skeppet...". The vivid and powerful vocals is backed by punchy, punky guitar riffs and driving rhythms. Knivderby hold some of the same punch and attitude as the legendary, Swedish punk band Ebba Grön (and maybe even the 'successor', when Ebba Grön turned into Imperiet - I was impressed by Ebba Grön's/Imperiet's headman Joakim Thåström when he played Oslo in early August). Anyway, Knivderby's 'motto' (according to their Facebook site) is 'Liv, livsgärning och nedstigning i helvetet', meaning (in English) 'Life, lifework, and descending to Hell'. Life's a rock, rolling. Well, "Bygger skeppet..." sounds cool and though, and makes me want to check out some more of their music.

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