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Jason Lytle & Aaron Espinoza
This Is Your Day OST

This Is Your Day is not a 'regular' album with 'regular' music, as it is the soundtrack to a film of the same title. It is a film about, uh, running. Long distance running, to be precise. Like the site for the film says: 'The story of inspiration. Endurance. Devotion.' Well, I am not much of a runner, so I'd better check out the musical soundtrack instead.

Jason Lytle (ex-Grandaddy) and Aaron Espinoza (ex-Earlimart) met years ago, and the two of them have teamed up for music projects before (putting out an album as Admiral Radley). This project saw them team up in Espinoza's studio to compose, perform and record the songs for the film. They probably had a good time together, but the tracks themselves do not work so well without the images they're meant to guide. All tracks except one are instrumental, and they sound like being mere sketches or songs that are work-in-progress - on their way to someplace else. Like their meant to be re-worked into finished, final songs. As they appear here, most of the tracks sounds like unfinished pieces. As it is, only one song, "On and On" (drumset version) sounds like a whole song. This is also the only song with lyrics. "The Calming Agent" is another track that sounds close to reaching the finish line (to use the sports jargon).

It may be a bit unfair to compare This Is Your Day OST to whatever album, as it is not an 'real' album. It's not officially released either. Jason Lytle and Aaron Espinoza are so kind to share their music via Bandcamp, so that the curious fans can dig in to check out what's it all about. Much appreciated guys. It's just that, like with most film scores/soundtracks, the music needs the images for completion, to become a full piece.

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