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Robert Forster
Songs To Play
Tapete Records

More known as "the dark one" of the Brisbane duo The Go-Betweens, it seems like Robert Forster has made his most poppy album so far with Songs to Play. The opener, "Learn to Burn", and even more the album's last song "Disaster in Motion" is though old school Forster, with his trademark sharp guitar, nervy vocals and somewhat biting lyrics, with The Velvet Underground as the most obvious reference. However, it is the more optimistic tunes which dominate this album - some of them, like the beautiful "I'm so Happy for You" and the up-tempo "Let Me Imagine You" actually reminds you of his former colleague, Grant McLennan, who sadly passed away in 2008.

Songs to Play is minimalisticly produced, with, as usual, Forsters characteristic voice as a main focus together with his sharp and twangy guitar. Here and there his wife Karin Baumler lends him a hand with her beautiful harmonies and violin, all done with Forsters usual elegance, though. Celebrating his 25th anniversary this year, Mr Forster shows us that he still has more to offer to those of us that still listen to guitar music. Songs to Play may not be the most essential album of 2015, but what undoubtly is essential, is that artists like him still shines, even at his age. Keep playing, Robert!

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