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The Extent of Damage
Hidden Shoal Recordings

'Little is known about Battlestations other than the basic facts: formed in Brussels, Belgium in 2009; released two albums (Battlestations, 2011 and In A Cold Embrace, 2012) and two EPs (Return/Mr. Abject, 2011 and The Death Of The Day, 2013)' (Hidden Shoal)

The Extent of Damage is Battlestations' third album and it was launched a few months ago (in October of last year). As 'better late than never' still is a nice motto, here's Battlestations to you. All hands man your battle stations!

The Extent of Damage holds five tracks of atmospheric, instrumental music. Except the title track, "The Extent of Damage" (3:55) the rest of the songs are long-stretched compositions. The opening "Necro" is a slow-floating, cinematic piece with several crescendos and decrescendos in it. The music of Battlestations increase and decrease, it builds up and falls down. The dramatic, cinematic themes keeps coming through "The Lies We Share", "The Great Divide" and "They Sleep While We Burn", before the more calming, soothing closing track, "The Extent of Damage". This is highly doom-dramatic soundscapes, and to quote Hidden Shoal: 'Battlestations interweave the subtle with the dramatic, the intimate with the cinematic, the introverted with the bombastic.' True words. To tell you the truth, listening through The Extent of Damage is almost too much of the big, soft-flowing drama, but I guess that I'll return to this music when in need of some deep, dark cinedrama.

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