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Andrew Bird
Loma Vista

Yes, this is serious. Andrew Bird's new album, Are You Serious is to be released on April 1st. On April Fool's Day. Well, Bird is no fool, right, so you'd better take his 9th album seriously. While we await the release here's an album teaser called "Capsized".

"Capsized" presents Bird in a groovier corner than some of his later recordings, such as his Handsome Family 'tribute' Things Are Really Great Here... (2014), his mini-album I Want to See Pulaski at Night, or his 2012 album Hands of Glory. We missed out his all instrumental record of last year, Echolocations: Canyon (Wegawam Music Co.) - which was said to be the first in a five-part Echolocations series (with River, City, Lake, and Forest to follow as future releases). However, "Capsized" is cool and catchy, and it makes me think, how would a collaboration between Bird and Beck sound like? It could have been something up "Capsized"'s alley. Let us wait for the full album. Bird is flying high, or rather sailing fast, firm and steady but his vessel will not capsize.

PS! Besides being a talented musician and songwriter, Andrew Bird is a gentleman, a thinker and a reflected human being: On his upcoming US tour, 'one dollar of every ticket sold will be donated to organizations working to end gun violence.' Hear, hear. Respect. Let's hope this will be a fast-growing trend for numerous US acts.

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