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Hidden Shoal Recordings

Memorybell is the minimalist ambient project of pianist (and multi-instrumentalist) Grant Hazard Outerbridge. Last moonth we took on his single track "Somnolent", which was launched as a teaser for this full album, his debut album Obsolete. What can we expect? Slow and soothing piano minimalism and the ultimate cure for pain.

Two years ago Outerbridge was diagnosed with amnesia (transient global amnesia), which causes the brain to 'temporarily stop making new memories'. Well, Outerbridge returned to the piano, to his songs to strip them down totally. The eight tracks featured on Obsolete are songs as naked as can be. The songs make you sit down, to think, to relax, to meditate - this is music for complete and utter relaxation. 100 %. The short "Koan" opens the album, but "Doldrums" are the first standout track, along with the aforementioned "Somnolent" which is one of the key tracks off the album. "Entropy" is another beautiful track. The title track is the longest composition of the album, clocking in at over 9 minutes. Outerbridge takes his time, but it is well worth the listen as he presents instant healing for your ears, for your mind.

Hidden Shoal sums up Memorybell's music/songs rather well when saying Outerbridge is '...exploring the spaces between notes as the notes themselves, giving each song room to breathe and encouraging the ear to wander.' The music of Memorybell gives you the feeling of time standing still, but you won't get bored. Not at all. This is all a pleasurable listen. These are eight heavenly and spiritual songs. Yet they are really down to earth. The classically trained Outerbridge has been playing music for nearly 30 years. Amnesia did not stop him. It only opened up his musical mastermind further, surfing the sound waves in slow motion with a grand piano and a couple of microphones. On and on and on.

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