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coverpic flag US - California - Full Moon 244 - 07/20/16

Rachel Garlin
Wink at July
Tactile Records

Rachel Garlin has made an intriguing intimate style on this album. "Gwendolyn Said" is a fascinating account of poet Gwendolyn Brooks, set to a worthy melody. Garlin is good at this, and her themes are wonderfully done.

"Hey Keith Haring" is about the artist and it paints a nice picture of him and his art. "The Sea You See" is a beautiful tune with a nice mood, Garlin singing like an angel. "Up on a Ladder in Boots" has a great theme about a female painter taking risks. It's a gorgeous tune and a strong lyric like so many others on this album. Garlin has made a lovely album, and she deserves a wide audience.

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