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The Divine Comedy

"Who pulls the strings, who makes the deals. Stands five foot three in Cuban heels"
("Napoleon Complex", Foreverland, 2016).

Neil Hannon's opening verse line on the first album in six years from The Divine Comedy, might be a good description of himself in what could easily be defined as a one-man band. As the sole-consisting member of the group, Hannon has written all the songs, arranged and produced them, and to a certain degree played most of the instruments on the album. Hannon's ability to write catchy, timeless chamber pop tunes has produced a brilliant album filled with great melodic hooks and pompous, yet classy arrangements.

The arrangements include the orchestral sounds of strings, brass, harps and tubular bells mixed with more rural banjos and accordions understating Hannon's many influences as a songwriter. From 70's pop in the single "How Can You Leave Me on My Own", introduced by the neighbourhood donkey, to French chanson in "The Pact". The slightly annoying duet "Funny Peculiar", on which Neil Hannon sings together with his girlfriend Cathy Davey, feels like the only "miss" on the album. "Foreverland" makes cold and dark days a little lighter and warmer and is highly recommended.

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