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It's not that I don't like Supergrass. I just don't get the hype of this, their third album, being so brilliant, and great, and the best they've ever done. Of course they write fine melodies, catchy, classic pop-rock, guided by smart words. Yes, they can sing, they can play, and they probably still know how to party. I just find Supergrass so boring. Why grow old so fast, lads, when you're still young? (Childhood is disappearing, Håvard - editor's note)

Maybe the message was clear with last album: In it for the Money. Because they've become rock stars, earning dough enough for leading pleasant lives. But I just don't understand why the freshness and the cockiness, the rawness and brat-spirit they showed with their first two albums seems to be lost, or have been toned down. Left are pop songs which are, well, nothing but ordinary pop songs heard many times before. However, the Supergrass threesome; Gaz Coombes (vox + guitar), Nick Quinn (bass + vox), and Danny Goffey (drums + vox), plus the "associate" member (grey eminence?) Robert Coombes (keyboards), seems to be a nice bunch of people. And most people seems to think they've written a nice bunch of songs. I don't, but, anyhow, there is one song I really like on Supergrass: Mary is great, with all its laid-back coolness and grace, and the excellent "Aah-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ay-ya-ya!" chorus. Neat.

One last thing; the video for Pumping On Your Stereo is funny. But the music isn't exactly pumping on my stereo. No, I'm not scrooged, or in a sourpuss bad mood, or something like that. Just disappointed. Except with Mary.

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