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Beth Custer
In the Broken Fields Where I Lie
Own label (

Beth Custer is a rare and rarefied musician full of jazzy spiritualism and an avant-garde expression (she's previously been working with various groups, such as the notorious Club Foot Orchestra the ethnoambient Trance Mission). Her recent release In the Broken Fields Where I Lie, is irreverent and meditative, arrogant and exciting, modern and traditional, improvisational and formal ... but most of all it is an original, creative force - a complex insight into the artist/musician/child/master.

Her clarinet sounds wail into the timeless landscapes suggesting vivid images of symbolist paintings. This mostly instrumental CD, is inspiring and exciting - a true masterpiece for those who love the ethereal aspects of pure magical cutting edge music along with the thrill of the discovery of the new and electrifying.

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