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Yet another project including Kristian Lorentzen (of Levinsky, also see Buster), this time together with one Hans Petter Haaland, with both of them on guitars, bass, vocals, etc. Of the 14 tracks on Cactus (released last year) 11 are their own material. 3 tracks are "borrowed" from Televisions Greatest Hits (!), so you'd better check out Stingray, Six Million Dollar Man, and The Men From Shiloh to see if you can join some TV-themes quiz show somewhere.

Apart from the odd'n'hillarious TV-three-pack (widescreen cowboy-space-o-rama orchestration), the rest of Cactus is quite serious. The title track is instrumental, as well as the song Accordion, which is a nice little tune. And the music? A (s)light touch of Elliott Smith? Laidback, quiet songs, mainly of the acoustic type, and quite a few decent songs as well. Such as Let Me Know, Know He Will, Obvious But Strange, and my biggest favorite, M. Hohner, with its switching vocals, of which one sounds like being sung inside a box. The closing track Recast is the most sulky one, but the instrumentation is quite neat.

An entertaining album after all. Will there be any more recordings, or is Luigi history by now? We just have to wait and see.

Info: Luigi, Att.: H.P. Haaland, Pilestredet 66, 0350 Oslo, Norway

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