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Three Norwegian Summer Singles

It's summer, even in some parts of Norway, and it seems like a good idea to review a few fresh Norwegian 7-inch vinyl goodies. Well, they may have been released some moons ago, but who cares. The music sparkles and it's summer!

coverpic The Nuggets
Powerpop Girl
Sneakers Records
The title track of The Nuggets' 4 track EP says it all. This is guitar-based powerpop with a Farfisa sounding organ hissing up front. The band sounds like those American garage bands vintage 1966 with a little bit of British 60s beat and 70s punk energy thrown in for good measure. Young innocent energy all right!

The Nuggets might be contacted through Sneakers Records:

coverpic The Launderettes
Rebel Love
Sneakers Records
The Launderettes are three girls and one boy, and the toughest of this lot. No fooling around, straight drums, bass, guitar, vocals - and fuzz. The three tracks sound like an American punk band vintage 1966 playing a mix of Brand New Cadillac and Shaking All Over with some modernised (1990s or even the 21 century!) elements in between. The band seems to originate from the roughest part of town and even some explicit dirty lyrics are included.

The Launderettes contact:

coverpic The Tables
See Emily Play
Two Zero Records
The Tables has been introduced in earlier Luna menus. Here they sound very much like a British pop-psychedelic band vintage 1967, Pink Floyd to be exact. They've recorded the A-sides of Floyd's first two (and best by far, to this very day!) singles of spring 1967. See Emily Play is one of my all time favourite songs (Bowie's interpretation of Pinups is not bad either, not at all!). The Tables' version sounds very much like the original with new vocals. Arnold Layne on the B-side is a little bit more off the Floyd track and the better of the two, to these ears. Anyway it must be a challenge to master those psychedelic effects with today's recording equipment.

The Tables contact:

These singles are far from innovative and none of them sound particularly Norwegian. But they're pure fun fun fun. Let's pick up one of those old-fashioned record players and head for the beach!

PS! All singles are limited edition releases, some copies even on coloured vinyl. So don't you hesitate!

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