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The Magic of Sound
Magic Marker Records

Could this LP hold magic sounds or the sound of magic? From out of the lunch-box pop Tim and Donna, and a lot of pleasant music along with them. Lunchbox is the duo of Tim Brown (vocals, guitars, keyboards, drums) and Donna McKean (bass, vocals, keyboards), with some additional musician friends stepping in on some of the songs. Time for a lunch-break and a taste.

Kick-off track In My World is somewhat reminding me of the older stuff from NYC's Versus. A good start, I must say. Next song, Ordinary Day, is a bit more folky, maybe like the Essex Green. Other bands mentioned to describe Lunchbox are Apples in Stereo, Minders, Beulah, Ciao Bella, and such. Which means indie-pop where the "good-mood" POP formula is the key thing, with perfectly fuzzed guitars, funny keyboards (farfisa included!), and ace melodies. The songs (Tim's written all of them) on The Magic of Sound are remarkably good. Check the "explosively" short and catchy Lotion (a "ba-ba-bah" chorus never fails), or the more quiet Just Because and A Special Feeling. The only "problem" is that side 1 of this LP is so good it's hard to match. Which means side 2 feels more anonymous, even though it might be a bit unfair to say so. Especially when there's hidden beauty such as Still Life, and the psychedelic So Much About You. Lunchbox pops, snaps and tickles your ears throughout a very nice indie-pop record.

The Magic of Sound is a really tasty pop-meal, and just the right portion to get going again the rest of any day. Lunchbox are welcome to arrange new bouffets anytime, anywhere. Yummy!

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