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David Kitt
DCU Freshers Ball, Temple Bar Music Centre, 18.10.2000

You must note that first year college soirees, this one hosted by the good people at the DCU Redbrick society, are sociable occasions set aside with the intention of getting people to meet n' greet with enthusiasm. The kids are out to party. Bearing this in mind and also not forgetting that David Kitt has performed in recent months to, arguably, favourable crowds in packed, intimate and silenced venues in his rise to "next big thing status", one is curious to how our host will fare in this "atmosphere."

Take the stage then David with two accomplices, one on clarinet the other on melodica. His gentle speaking voice greets the crowd and his trusted minidisc kicks off proceedings with the now customary Casio driven beats of Sound Fades with Distance. His ever honey-sweet voice floats above the discordant banter of a predominantly disinterested audience. Kitt continues unperturbed playing set favourites Sleep Comes Tomorrow and album closer Headphones alternating with some new tunes, always with his distinctive sound and swirling electro keyboard noises harmonised with Orb-like fluffy clouds, his background visual display meandering behind him. The aforementioned venues are ideal for this kind of beauty - even with the clarinet and melodica contributing for most of the set, the music still retains the same tranquil elegance as his recently released gem Small Moments. The crowd gets more disgruntled still, one part even allowing itself to spit "get off the stage." David allows himself a rue smile before closing his short set.

It is important that David Kitt familiarise himself in this kind of setting before venturing abroad when his "bigger things" do happen. He should, however, have little fear; his professionalism seems oblivious to such factors.

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