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Arriving Twice
Cuneiform Records

In the early 70's, Canterbury in the UK was the birthplace of a number of bands (eg, Gilgamesh, Hatfield & The North, National Health, etc.) that had a unique jazz/rock sound full of surprisingly free-flowing format and a tad of madness and creative spirit.

Gilgamesh was formed in 1972 by keyboardist/ composer Alan Gowen - the creative spirit behind a number of other English bands of the time. This amazing archival release features almost 60 minutes of unreleased recordings by 3 different editions of the band from 1973-75, with 25 minutes of previously unheard as well as much more fiery versions of many of the pieces from their 1st album! It includes a 16 page booklet jammed with lots of info on the band and the "Canterbury spirit"... From the one and only Cuneiform Records that manages to release nothing but the best.

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