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coverpic flag US - California - Full Moon 57 - 06/06/01

Up High In The Night
SupPop Records

Some months old but nevertheless worth mentioning. LA, CA band Arlo do have some charm, despite their grungy pop rock... Know what I mean?

Arlo have got two song smiths, Nate Greely (guitar, vocals) and Sean Spillane (guitar, vocals - related to Scott Spillane of the Gerbils and Neutral Milk Hotel?) (plus bassist Shmedley, and drummer Soup. Well, the cover also credit two other guys: Rod Cumming on bass, and Adam Wade on drums...?), and they've come up with some catchy songs on an album sounding pleasantly un-polished. They've definitely picked inspiration from Nirvana. And from Pond maybe? And the Fastbacks. And the Posies. But first and foremost Nirvana. A Nirvana light, just check Lil' Magic. Not a big problem for my ears. Well, Up High In The Night is quite entertaining for a while, but not a classic I'm afraid. Best tracks are Nerf Bear Bonanza, Shutterbug, Loosen Up, and So Long, and Botched.

A fine album for sitting on a roof with a couple of beer, watching the sun set. Or maybe the moon rise...

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