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Can our love...
Beggars Banquet

The newest release from these masters of melancholy and theatrical orchestrations shows a different side from the band. There's been a certain change in their "soundscape" since their debut album from 1993 which was a masterpiece of dramatic bizarre circus, mixed with mellow pop songs brilliantly delivered with Stuart Maple's mumbling dark crooner voice. Tindersticks were one of the most original acts in British music in the 90s, embracing the dark romanticism of singers like Lee Hazlewood, Leonard Cohen and Scott Walker. In the early 90s they made eccentric, thrilling albums layered with mystery and strange melodies and in my opinion creating some of their best moments. Tindersticks in the year 2001 is much easier to listen to and they still deliver a pleasant album but there's a certain lack of dramatically peaks to it. There's also a step closer to soul music and less circus than there used to be. But still there are good moments that kind of grow under your skin after a while. But if this is your first acquaintance with the band, I'll recommend the three first albums for the really interesting stuff. Anyway I really love their kitchy album sleeves this time competed with a picture of Stuart and a donkey!!!!

Best moments: People Keep Comin' Around, a sexy lazy track with soul elements; Sweet Release, which is quite hypnotic with the organ and the recurring sound patterns. The mellow No Man in the World and Chilitetime which shows tendencies toward the old eccentric Tindersticks.

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