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What took you guys so long? After five years they are back. The band that gave us Buddy Holly, Undone - The Sweater Song, Tired of Sex and My name is Jonas. In my record collection these guys always stand for the perfect pop that I love and can't get enough of. I've been waiting and when finally 'the green album' is here I know that these pop songs are worth waiting for. Rivers Cuomo is a true genius. He writes pop songs with a hook that will catch you. The first metal inspired single Hashpipe is a really good song, but hearing it for the first time made me wonder if Rivers had been writing with his Hashpipe. But after listening to it for many many times it all make sense. Power pop at its finest. Weezer's new album is not filled with easy hits like 'the blue album' was but a little twist of the blue one and a little taste of the bitter but beatiful album Pinkerton.

Weezer are back and this time they will hang around. Recently I saw them play live and half of the set was filled with new stuff that you won't find on the albums so they got songs for at least one more pretty soon. Don't make us wait another five years guys!!!

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