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Minor Majority
Walking Home From Nicole's
Big Dipper Records

Big Dipper Records has grown into one of the bigger indie labels in Oslo over the last two years (and the shop is growing as well, relocated as it is - again). They're also able to present new names from the flowering undergound scene. Walking Home From Nicole's is the 12th release from Big Dipper (Astroburger's monthly "single club series" count as one), giving us the melancholic world of the Minor Majority - a duo counting Pål Angelskår (of Reverend Lovejoy - 2 releases on BDR, see our archive), and Andreas Berczelly. Pål's written all songs, he sings and plays guitars and percussion. Andreas is the producer, and he plays keys and percussion, does backing vocals and programming. The "3rd member" is singer Karen Jo Fields (last heard with Muzzlewhite), who's added her lovely voice to 4 of the songs.

Miss/Mrs Fields took part when Minor Majority performed live opening for Chris and Carla earlier this year. Minor Majority follow the low-voiced, mainly acoustic path. Rather folky styled pop. Quite simple, but honest songs, with a slightly experimental touch, thanks to the (sober) instrumentation, the programmed and percussive parts. The melodic quality is high, and the performing is excellent. Of the 10 songs (the LP's got 11!) my picks are What I Deserve with Pål and Karen singing wonderfully together, guided by piano and a happy-sad viola, and the most electric (it's almost rock!) track Singalong. Other faves of mine are the warm She's a New Yorker, the strong and playful title track, and the closing song Goodbye Again.

There are a handful of friends (from Kettle, Rumboid and Thulsa Doom) contributing to some of the songs. It could've been interesting to hear Minor Majority as a full electric outfit, even though the stripped sound suits the songs. The only thing I miss is some more experimenting. Besides that Walking Home From Nicole's is one of Big Dipper's best release so far.

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