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Aries flag Mare Smythii - Full Moon 63 - 11/30/01

That Song In My Head

I just got a dog. Aries is her name. She's a 4 year old Australian Sheep Mix and I love her. We go for long walks, much longer than they would be without her. Walking with me.

Like I said, her name is Aries. Mostly though, I just call her Girl. As in, "C'mon Girl!" or "Hey Girl!". Well, it was after about 5 or 6 heygirls when it happened...

"Comma comma comma comma come come..."

The smooth vocal stylings of ol' JT's re-working of frenetic Jackie's ditty but in half the time and lovely...

"Yeah. yeah. yeah..."

So, just like that, Handyman has been in my head for almost 3 weeks and I don't really even mind. Always liked that song...

"Hey Girl, gather round..."

It's not as bad as That Song In My Head can get. I remember a particular Air Supply song that will go unmentioned that tormented me for days until a friend told me The Secret.

It's Tom's Diner. Or did you know that already? Suzanne Vega's doo-doos'll drive anything out of there. But I'm not singing that. James Taylor sang and now, on every walk at some point, there I go - I'm singing it. Once, we even went into some of the rest of the record...

"Whenever I see your smiling face I have to smile myself, 'cause I love you....yes I do..."

Pathetic? Maybe, but like the car commercial says, "you don't know until you have one". I think they're really talking about babies, and although I'm talking about cars talking about babies, I think you know what I'm saying. You should get a dog.

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