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Sabado Domingo
The First Day of Reinvention
Bumblebear Records

The first chord sends a signal to my brain; Jeff Mangum - the Neutral Milk hotel guy. But then I remeber that the person who sings for me isn't Jeff. It's Daniel Skinner, or Sabado Domingo as he calls himself. Daniel has previously realesed an album with the band Sidedoor Johnnies but now he's on his own - and he's really doing a great job.

I already mentioned Jeff Mangum as a reference but that dosn't mean that Sabado Domingo is copying the Elephant 6 sound, no no no. Sabado Domingo's music travels from punkish numbers to more realxed sing/songwriter numbers (without being Dylan) All with a twist of The Beach Boys on the top. My personal favorite is Morning to Nightime (Fans of Linus of Hollywood should check it out). The most beautiful song I've heard this year. A simple guitar, a magic flute, harmonies in the background. Together they really lift this song through the roof. Brian Wilson would love it.

Sabado Domingo has made a genuine record that should please both hardcore american indie-fans and all of you who's still waiting for Jeff Mangum to put his next album together. Sabado Domingo is playing a mix of my record collection, so why don't you check it out also...

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