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The Extra Glenns
Martial Arts Weekend
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Because just because....

Me: Nice day for a bike ride.
Other me: Sure is, why don't we take one?
Me: Where should we go?
Other me: The woods!
Me: On the bike?
Other me: Well, we'll get off the bike when we get there...
Me: And walk then?

Those yawny sunday afternoons in front of gramma and grampa's television. The one with the first remote I ever clicked.

Robin Hood. The Sea Pirate.

Other me: Are you with me? Are we going for a ride?
Me: Like Errol Flynn and Lancelot...

I remember now how much we liked Errol Flynn back before.

That occupied look off-camera, past the fake scenery, out the windows and into the sun. That I've been doing some questionable things and having a grand time doing them Smile.

We keep grinning and pedal harder. The rain's letting up and the faster we go the drier we get. All the way singing those songs from the Extra Glenns record that's always on the stereo and always on my mind when I'm not near it....

Admit it, you're singing them too.

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