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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 68 - 04/27/02

Marionettes b/w Bogus Boogie
Safe As Milk

Whoa! Rawk! From the Norwegian west coast comes a single from a bunch called Årabrot, named after the local garbage dump place. Presenting two songs of tough, raw sounding, primal rock. They kick and punch, with an incredible energy and heartfelt aggresion. 100 %.

The foursome call themselves Nibby Needle (guitar), Sofus K (bass, backing), Marakel (drums) and Deadly Nightshade (guitar, keyboards), and together they pull the strings for the up-tempo A side song "Marionettes" with perfect precision and attitude. Wire meet Pere Ubu meet Dead Kennedys meet the Fall. A steamingly angry piece of music, a fiery two-and-a-half minute buzz feast. "Bogus Boogie" is a bit slower but not less energetic. Swamp rock for full moons. Excellent. Rumble on!

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