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coverpix flag Norway - Full Moon 68 - 04/27/02

3 x single
Honey Milk Records/Big Dipper Records

A very brave move from the new record label Honey Milk Records in collaboration with Big Dipper Records, a record store here in Oslo which also releases local talent. Brave in two ways, firstly by putting their faith in relatively unknown Cinnamoon, and secondly by releasing as much as three CD-singles almost at the same time. Each single is released at a free concert, single one the 16th of April (at Bollywood), single two on the 22nd of April (at Cafe Con Bar) and lastly on the 30th of April (at So What!). An impressive stunt and potentially a very costly one too. I hope this is not enough to break the back of this new independent label.

Cinnamoon is the latest band in a long series of Norwegian rock band seriously influenced by American country and western music. In some ways a brave move - the competition in this field is harsh and they are bound to be compared with lots of successful bands both in Norway and abroad. Already the name Madrugada have been mentioned by several critics, and it's not completely unjust either - even if Cinnamoon avoids the darkness Madrugada loves to bask in. What Cinnamoon have to offer us is a talent for songwriting and a high degree of musicianship. Both crucial to their survival in their chosen strand of music, I just wish they were a bit more adventurous too. Like in the beautiful "So Low", which stands out like a rugged peak in an otherwise flat desert landscape.

The songs:
1a "Sinking Stone" - some nice vocalparts but overall a bit too traditional countrypop to make waves...
1b: "Roll On" - slow and subdued jangly pop in the vein of Cowboy Junkies and Low.
2a: "So Low" - starts careful but builds soon up to an exciting song with unusual use of instruments. Their most experimental and paradoxically most accessible song. A potential hit.
2b: "Angels By Day" - a waltzing ditty, complete with accordion. For those long hours on the dancefloor...
3a: "Madman" - nice desert rock with a clear debt to the traditional country and western.
3b: "Hooper Hill" - very interesting song , desperation and aggression mounts against beautiful strings, My favourite.

But why CDs? A release to be noticed for sure, but these singles were obviously meant to be released as vinyl 7 inches... This first edition is limited and it will probably not be released in this form again, so it may be a good idea to buy it anyway.

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