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Here We Are...Something New From Vetiver

My name is Alice and I was once a record store geek. In the 1980s in a town where Joseph Losey was born on the edge of Wisconsin on the Mighty Mississippi. One sunny saturday Malcom Forbes came riding through like the tycoon that he is. With a bunch of German magnates on Harleys and stopping at my store and looking at some budget classical cassettes found 3 that he wanted for $9.99 and brought them to me at the counter.

With tax it came to $10.49 and he paid with a twenty dollar bill. His change - $9.51 - he laid out on the counter and counted-slowly-nodded-correct-ly before placing the bills carefully away and the silver in his pocket. I don't know, I thought that maybe someone like Malcom Forbes would be able to just glance at a pile of change and tell you exactly what was there. Like the smart kid who always guessed how many jelly beans were in the jar at the Fair.

But Malcom Forbes just couldn't be too sure could he, and that's probably what made him the rich man that he was. And he sure was. He was so much about the money, even his money was about money.

But I was in record retail, and even now, I'm a great counter of change. What's more, I still have an ear for a cool new record when I hear it.

Vetiver. I have seen a glimpse of the cool new record future, and it includes an eventual release of these lovely new songs I've heard. Name of Vetiver.

I'm going to say it again. Vetiver. Someone cool needs to needs to I mean Needs To Sign These Folks Up and Help Them Get Their Music Out To Other Folks.

I mean, really. Unbelievably undoubtedly undeniably the best demo I've ever heard. Recorded in a basement. All first takes. On a four track. Just lovely...

But I'm gushing.

You'll see.

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