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The Sunshine Fix
Age of the Sun
Emperor Norton Records/Kindercore

Yes!! Summertime! Summer's holiday! And here's the perfect soundtrack. Right. Time capsule. Late 1960s. Birds and, ehem, bees... Flowers. Sun. Sunbeams. Loads of sun. Yup, seems like The Sunshine Fix present a tribute to the sun with this lovely album Age of the Sun. The Sunshine Fix? No other than Olivia Tremor Control-man Bill Doss (a.k.a. thebilldoss), backed by a bunch of friends (from bands like Essex Green, Of Montreal, The Four Corners). It can't be anything else but sike-ah-delic music. Bill Doss; a real pop billdozer...

The sun (and light) is the focus throughout the album, with titles like "Age Of The Sun", "Ultraviolet Orchestra", "That Ole Sun", "Sail Beyond The Sunset", "Hide In The Light", "Mr. Summer Day". From the opening song to the closing track I can't do nothing but smile, happily. Sheer and utter joy. Pop crush. Like being carried away by sparkling wine. Like walking on clouds. Weird thing is...right now it's evening. And it's raining heavily outside. Doesn't matter, since the sun is spinning my turntable friend...

Perfect summer pop. Little darling, here comes the sun(shine fix)...

PS! Bill Doss was The Sunshine Fix already 10 years ago, before the OTC was formed. The first release was a cassette called A Spiraling World of Pop (a private release on Elephant6).

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