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World Class Records/Hearts of Space

Lumin is vocalist Irina Mikhailova and musicians Jeffrey Stott and Michael Emeneau. They play what might be called world music with a very modern feel.

The opener "Stiga" is hypnotic and lush with an enchanting lead vocal. It lands close to latter period Dead Can Dance. The plaintive "Zamak" is driven by a techno beat and Mikhailova's lovely voice.

"Hadra" has Jeffrey Stott playing the oud and several other exotic intruments and the song creates an Arabian Nights flavoured mood. The lenghty song edges into Natacha Atlas territory. Mikhailova is just as expressive a singer as Atlas is. "Vchera Minah" is more traditional folk than the rest of the cd, but it's just as good. It's somewhat like the music of the great Hungarian singer Marta Sebestyen. Hadra is an exciting listen. It might be the sound of world music's future.

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