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My Bread Alone

It should come as no surprise that I've really been into Bread lately.

As much as I love Joe Pernice and the New Beck Hansen, it makes perfect sense that I should make this 70's soft-country-rock-connection.

David Gates' lyrics also satisfy my need for Gertrude Stein-y, Ogden Nash-y, e.e.cummings-y, sing-song-y, clunky and funny verse:

"And Aubrey was her name, a not so very ordinary girl or name, but just the same..."

and, of course:

"Baby I'm a want you, baby I'm a need you..."

I'm a baker of bread too, and have been for almost 8 years. I am co-owner of one of the best bakeries in a city full of good bread - San Francisco.

If Bread were bread it would have to be a little sweet. But not like a tea bread. Too fancy. There's something too cordoruoy about them for that tea and sweets crowd.

Not really a wheat bread either. Too filling and a little one-dimensional. Definitely not a white bread or a crusty baguette. I need something a little deeper than that.

If Bread were bread they'd have to be my soon-to-be-famous pumpernickel. Made with coarse rye grains, whole wheat and rye flours. Sweet organic mollasses, espresso and Guinness Stout for an undeniably full flavor and dark chocolatey color.

This bread is dense and tangy, rich and sweet, hearty and satisfying. Certain to leave you with a big 'ol smile on your face.

Very much like The Best of Bread Vol 1 and Vol 11 - get to a rummage sale or a second hand shop and pick them up - quicklike!!

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