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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 77 - 01/18/03

Wanna be the king! EP

Anders::Plywood is the odd name of this new (formed a couple of years ago) Norwegian (emo) power trio, pushing their debut EP. A 5 track piece from the relatively new label Bubblesound (home of The Unmist and Funguson). Punch and emotions with a witty tag line: * Norwegian rock music.

Another hobby of Anders::Plywood seems to be snowboard/skateboard, so I expected a much, much faster, freakier, and more speedballish content on this EP. Well, song one - the title track - is a quick rocker, but more in the 'straight' rock'n'roll lane. A touch of Raga Rockers? Don't get me all wrong. They do have tempo, such as in the next song, "Come on", which is softly hard-rocking. Quite catchy. I find "Liar" more appealing, but don't quite get attracted by the vocal lines of the chorus. A bit too emo-ish for me. (Not that I'm claiming to be such a touch guy...) "So long" show the more rawer side of the vocal work (sung by guitarist Trym Hagen - bassist Espen Lie sings the first three songs), within a suggestive, rumbling melody.

The final song is recorded live, being the so called bonus track. "Flare" is of a more sneaky nature, with its low-toned feel. Making us await an explosionlike climax or something. Which comes with a primal scream.

I'm not sure what it is, but I think the EP lacks a more personal, final touch. Promising, but the energy stays locked inside the songs.

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