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Rob Skane
Self Noise
Montague Records

Rob Skane's music is lo-fi and lowdown. He sings his songs in a raggedly convincing voice. Self Noise was recorded by Skane in his home and its intimate, unadorned sound suits it well. The quietly intense "Into Your Soul" talks of seeing through someone's lies. "$15.00 Room" describes an encounter with Jesus in a hotel room. It's a comic, yet serious minded song. It's not the only moment here that brings Paul Westerberg to mind.

The melancholy "Jennifer and James" details two lovers down on their luck. It's moving but has humorous touches too. "This Ain't Cool" is sad, but musically upbeat. Skane's guitarplaying is energetic here. Self Noise is a fine album by this 'trobadour extraordinarie' as one of his songs call him.

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