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Hearts of Oak
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Fuck war...let's pogo.

Ofcourse, dancing alone won't get us There.

Let's pogo, and sleep, and read, and bitch, and march, and throw stuff, and work, and practice, and drink lots of liquids, and pogo, and protest, and progress, and object...and play, and laugh, and play, and write, and jump, and run, and walking very slowly, whistle, and breathe, and buy groceries (I like peanut butter) and records. For instance, this punchy little number right here.

Go on, do something nice for yourself. Pogo.

Andria got her patronage today and is buying a new surfboard with some of the money she got. You can bet, she's pretty happy about that. My, what a great time it is for surfing. Just you and the big waves and the ships in the distance leaving the bay for the war. Maybe I'll try it-the ocean is right there.

The water here in San Francisco is pretty damn cold, though. I think maybe I'll just ride my skateboard more.

Find what you like and do it more. These are the days they mean a lot. As Ted Leo sings as I'm pogoing, "Tension is high under sea and over sky". Jump.

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