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Kip Keino
Fruit flies and Battleships
Green Mother Records

Kip what? Something Keino? Nevermind... As an important introduction, it consists of New Model Army's longest term bassist Nelson and his old friend Glyph Owenson from APB among many others. They blend besides electric guitars, double bass and percussions, some keyboards, programming, mandolin, tenor banjo, tambura and a minimun of vocals. It resulted in twelve tunes very difficult to translate in words. Very easy to transport into an imagetic world. Full of visions of many kinds like those movies we use to create inside our heads. With all the references digested through the life: the genious never thought before scenes and also the cliches and allusions. It's simply better to not mention any music artist related or that remind what these buddies do here.

Surprise-surprise. Who appreciate the taste of discoveries knows. Otherwise, it may misconduct your impressions like those "costumers who buy this use to like these too" lists at the virtual stores often do. Preferably, let some tracks name guide your sense, like the band and album titles make: Monkey Nature, Spy Baby, Non Stakka Bo, Bogsucker, Cuckooland, Indian Puzzle Thing. It runs some 45minutes in total at the player.

Perfect as a original soundtrack of a far from obvious movie. Get involved with the atmospheres created and maybe, when you realize the play list is all gone, you feel it is a bit short as a fruit fly life. But, then our lifespam in the battleship is also not long as we like. Ok, here you can still have the choice of just pressing the repeat button.

From the LunaK. fact file service >>> search >>> KEINO, KIP:
Kipchoge (Kip) Keino; born January 17th 1940 in Kipsamo, Kenya, as a member of the Nandi tribe.
Track-and-field athlete.
At the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo, Keino represented Kenya in their first games as an independent nation. Later in 1964 he set two world records, distances 3000- and 5000-metres (7:39:6 and 13:24:2 respectively).
Two-time gold medalist at the Olympic Games:
1) Mexico, 1968: 1,500 m (3.49.9 - new Olympic record - which stood until 1984) - after having to jog a mile to the stadium because his taxi was stuck in traffic!
The 1968 games also got him the silver medal in the 5000-metre event despite an acute gallbladder infection.
2) München/Munich, West Germany, 1972: 3,000-metre steeplechase. He also won a silver medal in the 1500-metre race.
He is known for his training at about 1800 m (about 6000 ft) above sea level, which helped introduce high-altitude training as a technique to improve running time at any altitude.
Keino retired from international running in 1973. He then opened, along with his wife, an orphanage in his home country.

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