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coverpic flag Australia - Full Moon 83 - 07/13/03

The Bitter End
Dum De Dum Records

The Bitter End are fronted by Steve Camden. Their music is country-tinged and intimate. The tone of the album is resigned but not defeated and Camden barely raises his voice. "I'm Your Man (Don't You know?)" is a sad meditation on a relationship. Camden sings it very affectingly and the instruments paint delicate patterns around him. "Take My Breath Away" is rather like Harvest-era Neil Young in its plaintive way. Camden's voice is not unaffected by Young on the whole. "Parachute" is a bitter song about a partner cheating on the protagonist. Its light-headed swing belies its dark theme. Most of these songs are lovelorn and sad but not overly so.

"Winds of Change" is quietly understated and has a Dylan-like harmonica being used. Its yet another neat touch that helps the Bitter End sound sweet rather than acidic. It?Ts a very nice album that should appeal to many.

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