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Rykarda Parasol
Here She Comes
Blood of the Young

Rykarda Parasol is both a band and a singer. Their EP is pretty special. Parasol's hard-edged yet seductive voice is amazing. Echoes of PJ Harvey can be found in it and in the music. The cool "Lonesome Place" is splendidly malevolent. Parasol's vocal struts like a cat over a bluesy guitar. Here Comes Misery I" is a serene song.

Rykarda Parasol's singing is drenched in the misery she so lovingly sings of. It's never self-indulgent though, only beautiful. The band plays perfectly on the Bad Seeds-like "Lullaby for Blacktail". Parasol is very bit the mysterious noir chanteuse here. The cover of Gun Club's "She's like Heroin" is lovely. Parasol sings of longing and obsession like it was her song in the first place.

The EP promises great things from this band. Their album could be a classic when it's done.

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