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Fabulous Disaster
Panty Raid
Pink & Black

Some months has passed since the release of this second full-length by the women club Fat Wreck's sub-label. And now, this record became even more important in the career of San Francisco's nicest bad ass quartet. Soon after a well-succeeded European tour, opening all Deconstruction dates among other events, the departure of vocalist & composer Laura Litter is officially announced. No hard feelings on it. Just that with her, Fabulous Disaster also ended a period with the best cd effort till date.

And thanks to her, the fabulous Cinder Block, former Tilt's frontwoman, replaced the gap in a wonderful way. So, the punk rock Fab4 continues fabulously delicious as ever.

Panty Raid comes with 14 songs, proper for putting during the trip down to the beach, to party with friends, to clean the last long dirty along your room with a smile on the face or whatever, to your Next Big Joyride. This is truly about a women kick asses's band. And they probably breath all the good air coming from the Bay Area, so the best influences can be noticed. Even Alex Newport (Nailbomb, At the Drive In, Ratos de Porão, Samian, etc.) was involved to produce and mix the flavours in this Panty. After all, this is what people that miss L7 and Lunachicks for instance can have with a great dose of estrogenic rock'n'roll. Thank you Laura. Welcome, Cinder. Women, you all rock!

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