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Ezra Reich
Freeze the Night
self released

Ezra Reich's debut feels fresh despite its many influences. The quirkiness of the music recalls David Byrne, David Bowie and Japan. "Strangers" is a prime example of updated 80's new wave. Reich's singing is confident and melodic while the music twitches with the nervous energy of prime Talking Heads. "The Way They Were" is all jerky synths and Bowie-esque harmonies. Reich croons like a born entertainer and a sense of subtle melancholy creeps in. "Star Power" is as flighty and glamorous as the title implies.

"Time's Up!" has a sense of punkish urgency to it while Reich sings as elegantly as ever. Freeze the Night offers a stylish mix of new wave and art rock. It's a fine piece of work.

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