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The Coachwhips
Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine
Narnack Records

I'm collecting boxes. Well, more precisely - it's containers I'm gathering. The jelly fish crate I picked up outside the chinese matrket yesterday is a good example of what I want and take when I see it.

I've got a long, card catalog kinda drawer I got on Lincoln near the park. A mahagony crate with strange grooves set inside for I can't think of what sits on top of a half-size wooden industrial cable spool. Stuff like that.

I have no needs or plans to haul my junk any time soon, y'wonder why I'm doing this?

I'm not.

A good thing I cleaned out the garage last spring, 'cause I sure am filling it up real fast.

Speaking of fast and stuff that hauls, you'd better catch these Coachwhips.

Mind them splinters.

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