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Pernice Brothers
Yours, Mine and Ours
One Little Indian

When I was a kid, the local moviehouse would have a free christmas season matinee, when they'd show some movie for free and have santa there to give candy canes away.

The movies? The titles mostly escape me but I remember something with santa and aliens. And even the devil in one. With santa, too. Very strange indeed. I bet you can't rent that one at blockbuster. The one title I do remember was this 60's Lucille Ball romantic comedy where she meets this great guy. They're both widowed and have kids (lots of 'em). They fall in love, get married and combine familes. Hilarity ensues.

It too was called Your, mine and ours.

Sounds familiar here and Joe Pernice again finds a way into my musical memory without ever having been there. These songs are comfortable and I like them again for the very first time.

I really love this stuff. Maybe only Supergrass make me smile harder.

Same thing only different. And yet.

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